Reviews For Surface Break
Reviewer: Gina - castoffstarter Anonymous Date: 01/05/07 - 08:38 pm Title: Chapter 1

Let's discuss my utter lack of knowledge of Ryan/Gerard fic. I cannot believe that I have never read this pairing before. Does it make you proud to know that you have taken this particular cherry of mine? I bet it does; you seem kinky like that. ;)

You've managed to capture exactly how I interpret these two to *be* in real life. In particular:If Ryan doesn't know how to see the in between lines that people carry on themselves, though, he knows that he doesn't know how, which helps him to be wary.

Ryan is always perfectly, brilliantly wary until he most should be. It's always then that he forgets what the back of someone's hand feels like, particularly if one never sees it coming.
This section screams Ryan Ross to me. Not the Ryan you witness in interviews, but the Ryan who is actually behind the monotone and spindly fingers constantly brushing back hair from his face.

Have I mentioned lately that I am in love with you? Because I am, I so totally am. You have just cheered my studying depression up. Final exams can suck it, college will never hold this much interest for me (I should not be admitting this, huh?). *loves more and more*

Author's Response: I was once in college. I know the feeling. *loves back* Thanks, hon.

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