Reviews For Curves
Reviewer: Chrissy/MayQueen517 Anonymous Date: 01/12/08 - 07:02 am Title: Chapter 1

*blinks* Ray/Spencer? not sure I ever thought about that before. That's...interesting.

Hahahhaa, oh, I love that Ray actually reassures him about nothing alcoholic. Just a little thing that I loved because it's...such a considerate thing. Most people would TRY to get their conquest liquored up...Ray just goes for the fanboy approach. *giggles*

Author's Response: A lot of these were written by request. I like to challenge myself a bit. Thanks!

Reviewer: Lesa Anonymous Date: 03/09/07 - 04:35 pm Title: Chapter 1

Wow. I've never considered Ray Toro as a sexual being before. He's the straight guy to Gerard or Mikey or Frank's funny man. You made it work. Thank you.

Author's Response: Oh no, Ray can work it, hee. Thanks for taking a chance.

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