Reviews For Jumper Cables
Reviewer: o1 Anonymous Date: 08/12/14 - 07:16 pm Title: Chapter 1

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Reviewer: plokm90 Anonymous Date: 16/02/08 - 05:25 am Title: Chapter 1

I couldn't help but smile, really, really smile (which is something I don't usually do) from the part when Gerard was out onwards. The conversation between Bob and Gerard about the colour pencils and things you want and need, was beautifully written.

Author's Response: Thanks. I was really glad when each of them got out, it was something I'd waited for so long in every case.

Reviewer: sauciloo Anonymous Date: 15/12/07 - 08:14 pm Title: Chapter 1

"You fix the fucking problem." Jesus H I love Bob. These short ones, they kill me. In the most delightful, spoon full of sugar, way.

Author's Response: Bob IS love. Empirical truth, that.

Reviewer: whoyouinvent Anonymous Date: 04/10/07 - 09:03 pm Title: Chapter 1

short this time, because real life is catching up, but i just wanted to let you know that this section is my favourite of the series so far.

i generally haven't been reading bandslash AUs, but you catch me up in them every time.

Author's Response: HI! Sorry about RL, but thank you! I shall endeavor to keep you caught!

Reviewer: vampyreranger Signed Date: 01/10/07 - 07:16 pm Title: Chapter 1

God. I think this was the best segment yet. I adore the interaction between Bob and Gerard.

Author's Response: I'm so in love with them. I don't know that I'll ever be this in love with them in any other 'verse.

Reviewer: the_liftedlorax Anonymous Date: 01/10/07 - 07:15 pm Title: Chapter 1

This just keeps getting better and better.

I like the way Bob thinks about Gerard, as something special. Because he is, even if he's broken.

Author's Response: Gee is so SO special. And Bob notices things. OMG, I'm sorry, I just love them so much. Thank you!

Reviewer: sinsense Anonymous Date: 01/10/07 - 07:11 pm Title: Chapter 1


That is the noise I am making.


It is a good noise. It is a noise of joy. This has been a most excellent birthday. TAKING HIM OUT FOR A SPIN.


Author's Response: Happy birthday, lulubee. *twirls you*

Reviewer: Kat Anonymous Date: 01/10/07 - 07:03 pm Title: Chapter 1

Your Bob, he kills me. I have a vein. It's got his name on it now, thanks.

Author's Response: I should apologize, right? HAH NOT GOING TO!!

Reviewer: TemporaryFaerie. Anonymous Date: 01/10/07 - 05:33 pm Title: Chapter 1



Author's Response: Oh hell yes, more.

Reviewer: Seana Anonymous Date: 01/10/07 - 05:24 pm Title: Chapter 1

Oh, Bob, Bob and his fixing, Bob and his metaphors. And the way he lets Mikey have Gerard and sees how good Gerard is with him, and wonders if Gerard would want to see him being good with something, but Gerard does see, or he will. Ohhhh, *Gerard*.

I don't think I've been clear about how much I'm loving this. It's a lot.

Author's Response: Poor Bob, thinking he's just the hired help. Or something. Hm, must fix. (Bob and I might have that in common...) I love YOU.

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