Reviews For Anniversary
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Reviewer: Anna Lee Anonymous Date: 28/09/16 - 03:23 am Title: Chapter 1

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Reviewer: airgiodslv Anonymous Date: 21/10/07 - 04:59 pm Title: Chapter 1

Oh man, this was just lovely. All of them together, the different dynamics, the hints of dominance and powerplay, the humour, all of it. Just lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you. I had fun tooling around in this 'verse again.

Reviewer: hwoyouinvent Anonymous Date: 21/10/07 - 06:30 am Title: Chapter 1

wow, gah.
sweet birthday present, lucky girl.

Author's Response: She's a sweetheart :-)

Reviewer: TemporaryFaerie Anonymous Date: 20/10/07 - 10:27 pm Title: Chapter 1

I can't remember if I commented the first one- but this was AMAZING. Seriously. Just. Words. I can't even string them together to describe the wonder. This was AMAZING.

The first one was the first GSF I read (how I lasted that long without hitting one I've no clue, but thank God I did, because wow, was yours a great way to start), and since I've read tons--- but none compare to yours, just so you know.

These are great, and you're seriously a fanfuckingtastic author.

Author's Response: Thank you, truly, that's-- Really, at this moment? It's very excellent to hear that. I really suggest you read Untappedbeauty's GSF, though, because it's everything I wanted to do in mine, but better. Again, thank you.

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