Reviews For Auto Show
Reviewer: applelally Anonymous Date: 19/07/12 - 02:39 pm Title: Chapter 1

I know it's crazy but I feel like I miss these guys.

Author's Response: It's not. I missed them for a loooong time after I wrote this. Thanks!

Reviewer: fadingendlessly Anonymous Date: 03/06/12 - 03:03 pm Title: Chapter 1

A friend linked me to this verse after we saw our first Empires show recently. I read 90% of it in one day and came back the next morning to finish it up. Simply amazing.

Author's Response: Wow, that's dedication. Yay Empires, and thanks so much for leaving a comment.

Reviewer: impromptulove Anonymous Date: 05/11/11 - 01:49 pm Title: Chapter 1

Just reread this whole thing for, like, possibly the fifth time? Possibly my favourite verse ever. I love how complex every character is, and the dynamics of each relationship. it's interesting, because the first time I read this I knew only who the MCR guys were (this fic actually is what made me decide to learn about Panic!, and from there I got really into them) and now I have a mental image for everyone, it's pretty great.

Just so you know, I've taken the candy thing to heart and fully plan to use it next time I need to woo someone.

I don't know, I wish I were better at telling people WHY I love their fic so much. But I really do love this an unbelievable amount.

Author's Response: I think this is great feedback, thank you so so much. *g* I'm not going to lie: when my boy feeds me cookies, I often wonder if he has sekritly read this fic and knows the way to my heart.

Reviewer: Quizzical Signed Date: 04/04/11 - 01:54 am Title: Chapter 1

sometimes i try to just dip in and read a couple of favourites, but it never works. once again i had to read through to the end. (i enjoyed the new tommy bit as well. i remember reading it at the other site).

once again thanks for letting us share these boys with you.


Author's Response: Thanks for being there to share them with! It means a lot.

Reviewer: Ruby Anonymous Date: 11/04/10 - 01:17 am Title: Chapter 1

Wow just wow. I read all of it and it's so fluffy and cute but real in a way and idk just wow and awesome and love.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. I had so much fun writing this ridic thing. SO MUCH.

Reviewer: hermitsoul Anonymous Date: 14/10/09 - 03:37 am Title: Chapter 1

*sighs* So one day I'm going to see a link for this story and not immediately click to reread. Today is not that day. This is always an awesome universe to visit and I'm still so glad you shared it with us.

Author's Response: That will be a sad day for me, I am thinking. *hugs*

Reviewer: roxy_palace Anonymous Date: 22/05/09 - 05:37 pm Title: Chapter 1

just finsihed reading this frankly awesome series. I love it so much, so hot, so tender, so romantic. Really wonderful work.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much! I had a great time writing this, so I love it when people enjoy reading it.

Reviewer: MayQueen517 Signed Date: 01/12/08 - 03:42 pm Title: Chapter 1

I've spent the past...god, four or five hours reading this, because I'd seen so much of it connected. I sat down today and finally read. It...this is beautiful. I don't think I would have read a prison AU if anyone but you had done it. Because I'm not sure there's anyone who can do it justice like you have.

They're such real characters, real MEN...and I'm like..impressed beyond words at how well these guys are truly GUYS. I loved this, I love the rawness of it, and the strength that Mikey grows into. The strength that Frank slowly finds again. And the strength that Gerard helps Bob learn to temper with love.

It's such a wonderfully engaging portrait's beautiful.

Author's Response: This was a work of sheer love. It was meant only to be the first 4k or so, and I just...couldn't stop. It's so nice when people respond to it in the way you have, b/c I feel like it's a little bit of the compulsion I felt. *hugs* Thank you.

Reviewer: iamiamamachine Anonymous Date: 01/08/08 - 09:41 am Title: Chapter 1

i'm awful at leaving comments to 'last parts', because it's over and i'm bad with leaving things behind, but i really felt like i couldn't just leave this hanging without saying anything to you about it. this was heart-breaking but painfully perfect at the same time. i finished it all in one and a half day, flailed to people on msn about it who hadn't read it, etc.

the way you build characters amazes me every single time i read something written by you and again in this story every single character was credible, realistic and round. i love how you manage to give them all an original 'touch', a certain way of speaking and holding themselves, their own fears and doubts and hopes.

in this, everyone was pretty epic but i must admit that tommy holds a special place in my heart. he was my absolute favorite, which may be a little strange because he wasn't... well, i can't call him a secondary character, but he wasn't one of the four major characters either, but at the same time it isn't strange at all because it shows that you are also great at making the less important characters believable and loveable. i'd want to say you're even better at secondary characters, but i don't think it's that... i think it's that your secondary characters impress me more because you manage to write them so well. did that make sense?

i also loved brendon a lot in this, because he was so easy to imagine. every single time he appeared in a scene, i could see that scene in my mind. and i can't possibly forget to mention c and the therapy sessions, because they made us look at frank and mikey in a different way, namely from their own eyes. very interesting.

thank you for giving me the chance to enjoy this (and your writing on a whole).

Author's Response: Thank you for leaving me this well thought out and helpful response as to what you liked, and reminding me how much I love and miss this 'verse. *hugs*

Reviewer: lm Anonymous Date: 04/06/08 - 07:54 am Title: Chapter 1

I loved this story so much - in particular, I loved your frank, he was heartbreaking. This was amazing. Thank you so much!

Author's Response: Thank YOU. Frank is pretty awesome in this verse. I miss him.

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