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Reviewer: arena Anonymous Date: 26/04/19 - 10:17 am Title: Chapter 1

The description & the writing style of this book is very good. Really enjoyed reading books written this way. Kep on sharing more interesting books to readers...
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Reviewer: Anna Anonymous Date: 18/08/10 - 10:44 pm Title: Chapter 1

Oh, arsenic. You are writing frank/gerard. I return to fandom after a year and a half hiatus and oh god. Thank god you are writing bandslash!! I was a HUGE fan of comfort food and care of magical creatures and your other HP work. My username used to be shoeboxer4life, but now I am anna_unfolding.

ANYWAY this fic is gold. I love that they rly trly want to unearth each other. Not that Gee is particularly so hot for F in drag, but that he's hot for F, period, and this is part of Frank, so welcoming it is....welcoming a piece of Frank heretofore unseen. wow it is so important that people do that for each other. I love the dialogue, too, and the lesbian part at the end kinda melted my brain/panties.

Author's Response: Hee. Well, I've been writing bandom for almost four years now, so, yeah, I'm pretty entrenched. Welcome. I generally don't write Frank/Gerard, this was at request, so I'm glad it worked for you. Welcome back, hon.

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