Reviewer: aa54445555 Anonymous Date: 20/04/17 - 07:24 pm Title: Chapter 1

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Reviewer: Annajhk Anonymous Date: 16/12/13 - 07:09 am Title: Chapter 1

I don't know how to express how much I love these stories, this series, but I do. Love them enough to be here reading after midnight when I have classes of teenagers to face tomorrow, because I had to get back to the happy ending. Love them enough to have reread them enough that they're getting familiar, like the books that stay with you. The journey from start to finish is just incredible. Thank you.

Reviewer: humanoidmegg Anonymous Date: 15/07/11 - 07:56 am Title: Chapter 1

This series is so full of h/c goodness it is addictive! Love all your main characters and also the random popslash cameos which made me laugh :)

Author's Response: I do love the h/c. Glad you're enjoying. Thanks!

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