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women clothes �brother and be

Cousin to get help, Milo disappears without a trace.

Without the brother Gat women clothes,es don't want to go home and so

Choose he and Lars as long as where to stay Castle, until they a down coats,gain find Milo.

Find the bottom

supports are the castle of Marius von Brauneck Manuel Ehrmann, mens, front row, second from right,

Horn Mountain living and there very well knows.

Also door girl clothing,friend Lisa Walnut Laura Banholzer, front row

right helping with the search.

In finding the c walking shoes,hildren again and again into dangerous situations and

encounter problems with which they have no running shoes for mens,t counted.

Together, the children experience a thrilling adventure,

This is expected to start 2018 in local cinemas.

As in the first film, the film is complete

without financial means incurred and realized with a team, consisting of lay people actors.


forward to today on the

Reviewer: rs.Bereits in the spring 2017 start Anonymous Date: 08/11/17 - 12:46 am Title: Chapter 1 rs.Bereits in the spring 2017 start filming for the next movie adventure.


Screenplay wa,s penned by Marco Banholzer, who will take over not only directed this film,

but works behind th Sports Shoes,e camera.

Another cameraman, Gerhard Ehrmann supports back row left

the film team.

For the shoes, title song and the sound post production, Daniel Jelovcak has back row

right excellent integrat women,ed into the team.

Together with the new main actors of the three friends goals

Campbell M hill shoes,ichael Zimmermann, front row left, Milo Campbell Elijah Roth Edwards mark,.

front row second from women down jackets, left and

Lars Lehmann Cedric Majkut, front row center Marco Banholzer filmed his book alarm on Castle

Horn Mountain.

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